Building a Service Design Capability at Enterprise Scale

Internal design capability set up for BT’s 18,000 employe IT department

BT- October 17- May 18. UK.

* Nomination for best service design project 2018-

Marketplace service coaching session.

Marketplace service coaching session.

Challenge and Outcome

To help BT build a service design capability that coached over 100 staff and supported the development of 14 services in the Technology, Services and Operations Department (TSO).

In the midst of BT’s internal restructuring, this project was named a priority in the organisation as a key landmark towards digital transformation.

Its main objective was to increase the employees’ productivity and improve the way that the internal teams worked together to produce better results and service the rest of the organisation.

Marketplace prototype presentation to BT’s leadership

Marketplace prototype presentation to BT’s leadership


Defining a process early on and developing hypotheses early while continuously iterating and validating throughout the design sprints.

Setting up a service design capability entailed coaching and leading the design of multiple services offered by the TSO department.

I was responsible for helping design and deliver two services, a marketplace and an internal consulting offering, coaching a team of UX designers on service design, and developing materials and defining the methodology used.

As a service designer I helped formulate strong hypotheses early enough to ideate, test and iterate a minimum viable service in 5 months.

Because the team I was responsible for was inexperienced in doing service design, the approach to the training combined lean methods of testing and failing fast, which allowed them to arrive to the ideation phase relatively quickly. 

In addition to applying the design methodology, the team assessed the back end of the as is and future marketplace user experience, and understood the existing and prospective capabilities for the service to take place.

Example of design process applied to coaching.  All contents are confidential.

Example of design process applied to coaching. All contents are confidential.

The deliverables included:

+ Hypotheses templates,

+ Training materials and tools,

+ Workshops and ideation activities,

+ Blueprinting of the services

+ Value propositions prioritisation,

+ Customer journeys and

+ Internal capabilities assessment.

Coaching process service blueprint.

Coaching process service blueprint.


The launch of 14 successful services, training and coaching of 100 people and upskilling of UX designers and developers on the design thinking methodology and lean start up techniques.