Ethnography oF SPENding patterns AND CREDIT IN
South Africa. RCS

The objective:


To understand people’s financial behaviours, and the motivations and contexts in which they made financial decisions. The piece also had a digital behaviour component which informed uses of social media and the Internet in general.

The deliverable and application:


A presentation and an edited video of in-house visits that informed the roll out of the social media strategy, but more importantly, supported and inspired the overall digital strategy and creative execution. The outcome of the piece informed the digital agency and the client about the reasons why people make some financial decisions, and creative and strategic triggers of desired actions.

28 online social networks users (males and females evenly spread)

17 Johannesburg
11 Cape Town

Recruitment criteria included people across different locations and areas in both cities. Income, age, access to the Internet at home, engagement with social media, and education levels were part of the criteria to select the interviewees.


In-house and work visits where in-depth interviews were conducted combined with observations of people’s interaction with social networks.

The analysis was done according to behaviour design principles that look at motivations, contexts and triggers of behaviour change and decision-making (B.J Fogg. Standford University). The goal was to identify how to better prompt a  number of actions when users interacted with the creative execution. In so doing, behaviour d


Digital strategy of whitening toothpaste launch

The objective:

To launch whitening toothpaste in South Africa. The product was positioned as a beauty and not as a personal care product. 

The deliverable and application:

A digital strategy for the product's launch with a strong focus on social influencers such as fashion bloggers and stylists. The product was launched through a competition on social media channels which rewarded the best smile. 

The outcome: 

2354 unique entries. This exceeded the initial target of the overall campaign. 

Tanzanian women.jpg

Uses of mobile social networks in 5 African countries: practical applications for a mobile strategy

The objective: 

To identify main patters of social networks use in East and West Africa. The results were applied to a multi-country mobile strategy with a strong focus on social. 

The deliverable and application:  

A presentation and a paper of the cultural insights gathered per country and recommendations for the mobile strategy roll out per country. Final application was a multi-country mobile strategy which implemented an initiative to support entrepreneurship.


Ethnographic observations and interviews took place in public spaces in which people interacted with the client's product.