Transforming the customer experience across services led by user research

Design of customer service strategy

Customer experience strategy

South Africa 2015

The challenge

To develop an engagement and service customer strategy advising on 7 different digital and non-digital services for a top leading financial and insurance service provider.

A human-centered approach that led to change
This project was led by user research and service design through to the the concept ideation phase. Research was a big component in the project, as there were different segments of users with different needs when engaging with the multiple services that the business offered. 

The research process included in house in-depth interviews, ethnographic immersions at the client’s offices, design research activities to find out details of possible service scenarios and Persuasion, Emotion and Trust (PET design technique).

The results from all research activities were integrated into the concept ideation phase which provided solutions to the different service types. The concepts guided the future vision behind the strategy which aimed at transitioning some of the business' manual services into self-service channels.

Workshops were conducted with the client to align the business vision and goals, with the results from the user research.

Early prototypes of the concepts were provided envisioning the services in the future. 

The solution
The implementation of the customer experience strategy suggesting the changes in the services.