Direct marketing campaign to key decision makers in medium size enterprises. The campaign had a big behavioural component in addressing people's key decision-making triggers such as sense of achievement and recognition. The outcome was a 70% success rate in securing one-on-one meetings and a gold Assegai award. 

To develop a behavioural- based strategy for a leading Internet and technology services provider in South Africa (MWeb).

Previous customers had a bad impression of the brand due to poor previous experiences.

There was lack of clarity in regards to who made the decisions in the clients' businesses.

I worked closely with an integrated marketing agency in order to talk with the right people –i.e. IT managers-. The agency profiled and segmented the potential customers quantitatively. 

Once the segmentation was available, I immersed myself in the world of IT managers in order to understand how they make decisions, but also how they work, arrange information, deal with service-providers, and how they see their organisations' structure. 

I journey mapped their decision-making process and identified how to best design for behaviour change when choosing their technology service provider.

I worked with the creative team on developing a direct marketing concept that was effective and at the same time delivered a compelling message which connected emotionally with the users. 

The campaign had a 70% success rate in reaching decision-makers which confirmed the message effectiveness.

The campaign was awarded gold for best integrated marketing campaign.

The execution successfully integrated subconscious motivations and the world of the decision-makers into the content delivered to them – a multi-tool box with an invite to meet.