Content- Driven Behaviour Change Platform for South African Teenagers 

Design of digital magazine and social platform

Choma digital magazine

South Africa 2013


The challenge

To design a digital platform that provided teenagers vulnerable to HIV/Aids to access useful and engaging health and lifestyle content. 

The Outcome

Choma received more than 13,000 questions and was accessed by 178,000 unique users. The campaign empowered these girls to make better decisions and to make these decisions based on practical advice - advice they can't get anywhere else.

Making content accessible to the audience

This project posed the challenge of providing teenagers with useful content in an engaging format. The approach to the brief was to join efforts with the UX team and the developers teams to identify a core human need that guided the kind of content to be provided to the audience. 

As a digital strategist and a researcher I identified the sample which were vulnerable female teenagers with access to mobile technology and avid social media users. I designed the ethnographic research focusing on identifying the gaps in their offline social networks, and their level of engagement with technology. 

The findings led to the development of the digital strategy, which was based on the archetype of a sibling. The approach was to gamify the magazine's content, and to provide a counselling feature that catered for the teenagers need to speak to someone who they could trust. 

The solution

A lifestyle digital magazine addressing health and HIV/Aids issues in an engaging manner. The app exceeded KPIs demonstrating high engagement of both females and males highlighting opportunities to reach new user groups. 

The content that teenagers engaged with proved to be the appropriate type for educating the target group on safer sexual behaviours and intimacy issues. This helped in achieving behaviour change.