South Africa 2013. Native/VML

HIV/SA commissioned Native/VML to design an engaging mobile platform to reach out to teenagers who were vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. The outcome was a mobile magazine, FB page and website targeting the users' core need to express their intimate issues. KPIs for this job exceeded the client's expectations reaching out to males as well as females, which gave insight into a new target group's behaviour.

To develop a mobile platform that reaches out to HIV/AIDS vulnerable teenagers and provides calls to action to engage behaviour change.

Re-interpret brief  Define team roles (UX in collaboration with strategy)  Design research (Ethnography and participant observation )  Digital strategy  Competitor analysis  Iteration to strategy based on design research  2 prototype iterations  2 user testings  App launch on Mxit, website and FB → Ongoing

The UX, strategy and the developers teams worked together in order to provide the best solution to the client's problem. 

As a digital strategist I worked with a team of UX designers to immerse ourselves in the context of the suggested user group: vulnerable female teenagers. 

Based on initial ethnographic research, we advised on the age group of the users, the tone of the communication, the channel, and the type of content and mechanics.

Our suggestion to the client was to gamify the content, and to provide a counseling feature which all other digital solutions in the field lacked at the time. 

The digital strategy was based on the app's role in the context of the user group, and on the mechanics for engagement and behaviour change. 

Access to vulnerable homes and environments. 

Explaining to the client that in order for a digital solution to engage in behaviour change, an overall strategy needs to be in place. 

Exceeded KPIs demonstrating high engagement of both females and males highlighting opportunities to reach new user groups. 

Content that teenagers engaged with proved to be the appropriate type for educating the target group on safer sexual behaviours and intimacy issues. This helped in achieving behaviour change.