Understanding the Nigerian mindset towards payments

Design of mobile payments wallet to be used by satellite TV subscribers to make their monthly payments. 

Mobile and electronic payments
Nigeria and South Africa 2014-2015 

The challenge
Launch a user centric mobile wallet to make payments to service providers.

The outcome
The wallet launch in Nigeria and South Africa and a strategy to target main and secondary users of the service. 

The approach that connected technology and human behaviour
I worked closely with my client to scope the brief for this project, which was key to developing the service strategy in a new market to the business.

I suggested to do an ethnographic immersion in the market while sampling potential customers who worked formally and informally in small and medium enterprises. Because the focus was to identify their key payment behaviours the deliverables included:

Journey mapping of spending behaviours

Persona description per payment behaviours types

Value proposition of the mobile wallet amongst new market

Discovery of a potential new customer


The solution
The CEO together with the marketing director in Nigeria launched a mobile wallet that catered businesses who help other businesses and individuals do their day to day transactions. This is key to the Nigerian market, as people don’t have the time to take care of payments themselves and in a lot of cases they use intermediaries. This was central to the development of the service and was the overarching principle of the strategy.