Rethinking Mobility: Designing a Sharing Mobile Service

Design of shared transport service

Crewser: A shared mobile service

UK 2016

 Paper prototype testing

Paper prototype testing

The challenge

To discover a human need around shared transport, and prototype and test a solution that tackled how to make transportation more efficient, and sociable.

Looking at sharing rides from a different perspective

The initial approach in this project was to work in a multi-disciplinary team where each one of us had different strengths and interests. The idea was to address shared rides from an unusual angle that others in the market were not doing. 

In so doing, insights about the users' needs were gathered by combining ethnography, one-on-one extreme interviews and a competitors' analysis. Picking the user group was also a challenge which entailed initial observations and taking a look at current ride sharing offerings.  

The research also took into account experts working in businesses that were part of the sharing economy and start ups who had succeeded in niche markets such as this one. The work was done in sprints of research and concepts testing. 

Reflecting back, the process was challenging as identifying the human need took longer than anticipated, and the team did not move onto testing different concepts quickly enough. These problems were overcome, however, by talking to a wide range of people across different categories, which helped in creating a more solid prototype in the end. 

The research showed that the main barrier to peer-to- peer ridesharing was the "awkwardness" of being around strangers for long periods of time. Once this was identified, designing a solution that tackled the issue was easier

The solution

A peer-to-peer ride sharing app that connected people who share similar interests via their preferred social networks.