JSE- Native/VML

South Africa. 2015

Design research including personas and journey mapping of key users of the JSE website, and their engagement with it. The outcome was the re-launch of the site as per the strategy team advice. 

Design research (Based on customer segmentation)  Personas and journey mapping  Iteration to strategy  Presentation of findings to client   Website changes  

The strategy team was briefed on revising the JSE website as per the customers' use and engagement with it and its features. 

Ethnographic research in the workplaces of the customers' segments, in-depth interviews, personas and journey maps were part of the design research phase. 

The framework to analyse the data was the design council double diamond, and user testing of the website's features. 

Customers' low engagement levels with the site. 

Lack of alignment of the site's features and the customers' needs. 

Increased engagement after site's launch and content corresponding to users' main investment and trading needs.