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My team at Native/VML and I proposed MSN to do a behavioural segmentation on their news portal as they needed to understand how user types engaged with content. The result were 4 user segments with different behavioural triggers indicating preferences to engage with content in the page. Qualitative and quantitative data were overlaid to identify the segments. 

MSN wanted to identify the drivers behind content consumption on the site from a behavioural perspective that went beyond data analytics could provide. 

Re-interpret brief  Define team roles (strategy team in collaboration with analytics)  Design research (Ethnographic research, in-depth interviews with user groups, Design thinking and double diamond)  Behavioural segmentation (Behavioural insights based on behaviour design models combined with analytics data on the site)  Iteration to segments  4 user types and respective behaviour drivers  Site launch

The strategy team, of which I was part of, suggested an anthropological/behavioural approach that looked at the kinds of users and what motivated them to interact with different types of content. 

We analysed the analytics of the site and realised there were patterns in the way  readers accessed content, and interacted with it.

We observed the users' context and how it influenced engagement with content in general as part of their lives, identified what was important to them,  gathered artifacts from their lives allowing us to build persona types.

Once we had enough information about them we identified common behaviour patterns and drivers of engagement with content on the site. 

Uncertainty regarding the quality of the quantitative data on the site's engagement

It took a while to convince the client of the validity of the anthropological approach combined with analytics. This delayed the project's kick off. 

The successful redesign and re-launch of the MSN live website with increased engagement and more current layout, and content.