Anthropologist and service designer. I specialise in helping organisations bridge the gap between digital technology adoption and human behaviour.

I have 14 years of experience consulting in the digital marketing and technology services  industries. My work focuses in helping businesses develop services and products relevant in people's lives.

I use ethnography, and a range of service design tools  when helping clients re- think their services and products. 

At the moment I am passionate about how businesses  ease into digital transformation and how they integrate experience design and lean user experience as a core part of their strategic vision.

My work has impacted product and service design including:  business and technology transformation processes, internal business technology platforms. mobile apps, mobile payment wallets, direct marketing campaigns, customer experience, digital transformation and CRM strategies. I have worked in Africa, South America, and most recently in the UK where I have managed my own projects independently, and I have been part of a team in the agency and management consulting environments.

I currently work at Designit as a service design lead  and consult on ad hoc projects.  I believe in the strength of being hands on in the design process and understanding it fully from a user centered perspective.