Spain, 2017




I believe in doing work that has an impact in the world.

As an anthropologist I was trained to see things from the perspective of others, to be more empathetic towards their needs and to understand diversity. I use this skill to design: 
Organisational processes
Digital platforms and
Products and services that help companies and individuals do their work better and have more enjoyable experiences.

I crafted a career as a user researcher and a user experience consultant on digital technology in South Africa and other African countries.  At this time the Internet penetration was low and the human aspect of technology use was underestimated. I built solid relationships with the executive leadership at the main digital agencies in South Africa and worked with the largest telcos and media groups in the continent over 13 years.

I relocated to the UK in 2015 to study digital experience design, where I obtained an exceptional talent visa provided to leaders in the technology field, which was a personal achievement. 

I help organisations trigger change by: 
Designing leaner processes and better ways of working
Designing effective and emotional digital and non-digital services
Blueprinting users and business actions
Understanding existing and new users' behaviours

In my spare time I am busy designing a service that explores the role of creativity in triggering behavioural change. I focus on agile teams and organisations undergoing business transformation.