Spain, 2017



I believe in doing work that has an impact in the world.

As an anthropologist I was trained to see things from the perspective of others, to be more empathetic towards their needs and to understand diversity. I have done ethnographic work in 15 different countries over 16 years, a perspective and a skill that I apply to the design processes, products and services that align with, both, users and business needs. 

I crafted a career as a user researcher and a user experience consultant on mobile and digital technology in South Africa and Africa when the Internet penetration was low and the human aspect of technology use was underestimated. 

I built solid relationships with the leadership at the main digital agencies in South Africa and worked with the largest telcos and media groups in the continent over 13 years.

My reputation and work during those years, together with my Hyperisland degree on digital experience design, helped me obtain an exceptional talent visa provided to leaders in the technology field, which was a personal achievement. 

In my lead roles, I have been responsible for leading teams of designers, researchers and project managers to: 

Scope new work and identifying new opportunities,
Run co-creating workshops with stakeholders,
Ideate and develop concepts with the team and the business,
Blueprint users and business actions and
Map out users' behaviours to specific actions across touchpoints.

In my spare time I am setting up a business that equips teams to adapt to organisational change. My focus is on agile teams and organisations going through business transformation.