Designing a Future Customer Experience

Design of customer service strategy.

Liberty Life, June - September 15. South Africa.

User research with call centre agent to edit the back office blueprint section.

User research with call centre agent to edit the back office blueprint section.

Challenge and Outcome

To develop a future customer service strategy for 7 different digital and non-digital services for a top leading financial and insurance service provider.

The customer experience department at this 5000 employees financial services provider, aimed at developing a future vision strategy for a number of services across different touchpoints and platforms in the organisation.

The outcome was a future roadmap with activities to implement across channels and impacting employees as well as customers.

Customer journey

Customer journey


A Human-Centered Approach That Led To Change

This project combined user research and design thinking through to the ideation of possible concepts to improve and digitise the customer experience across different departments in this financial institution.

The execution included:

+ B2B and user research with the call centre and branch capability and insurance policy customers

+ Digital systems assessment across services

+ Stakeholder interviews and co-creation workshops

+ Analytics across platforms

+ Personas, journey maps and concepts ideation

I worked together with a team of service and UX designers and business analysts to help the client think about future services, technologies and approaches. Our focus was to combine the findings from stakeholders, employees and user interviews with our knowledge about future trends. The concepts were ideated together with the client in co-creation workshops.

Co-creation workshop

Co-creation workshop


The implementation of the roadmap’s activities to improve the overall customer experience in the organisation.