Helping teams collaborate with each other

Design of internal employees' team platform to make their work more collaborative

Oil and gas industry- UK
December 16-February 17

The challenge
To identify key team needs when working together, and develop a concept that used digital technology to help them do a better work.

The outcome
A digital management and team collaboration platform to work more efficiently.

Visibility as a key component of working together
I worked together with a team of service and UX designers to develop this concept to help teams collaborate with one another. 

This client had a number of issues due lack of centralisation of knowledge and databases of information from previous projects. In my role as a designed lead in the account I was involved in a few projects to help them address this issue. In this case, the human need of working better together guided the development of the concept. 

My team and I thought of the idea as part of a bigger strategy to not only help the business digitise itself but also to make it more current by transforming the way in which employees worked. The biggest barrier was the mindset of people as opposed to the technology itself. 

The execution took into account the human need, persona and behaviour types, their journeys when working together, and the strategy of the company to digitise the work amongst employees. 


image (1).png


The solution
An internal search and knowledge platform compatible with sharepoint, where users can find multi-region information about previous and current projects. The solution connected functionality with the human feeling of being helped and understood when needed.