Designing a Search Platform to Improve Access to Knowledge

Internal search platform design that aimed at connecting functionality with the human feeling of being helped and understood.

BP- September 16- March 17. UK.

Concepts brainstorm with the team

Concepts brainstorm with the team

Challenge and Outcome

Designing an internal search and knowledge platform where users could find multi-region information about previous and current projects.

The main insight behind this project was the fact that the organisation’s knowledge was spread out across different platforms and filed in multiple ways. This led to flawed decision-making and knowledge loss, amongst others.

This project aimed at unifying all documents under one platform, while providing the users with access to key information to conduct regional projects, therefore, saving money and effort in duplicating documents or trying to find the information.

Co-creation session with the client

Co-creation session with the client


Client co-creation and discovery activities followed by concept testing and MVP iterations.

A team of service and UX designers and researchers focused on understanding the needs of the organisation regarding knowledge management and access to information.

By immersing into the users' environment and spending time with the stakeholders, the design team of which I was part, identified gaps in the information search process employees usually went through.

We understood that the main problem, which on the surface appeared to be technology focused, consisted in broken communication between people across departments and geographies. When digging deeper into discovering the human needs of the personas performing their jobs, we discovered that the problems not only impacted people's personal productivity levels, but the overall business performance.

The deliverables included:

+ Personas and user journeys

+ Co-created workshops to decide on concepts and features

+ Wireframes and MVP of the search platform

+ Experience maps

+ Features prioritisation

Customer journey. Content is confidential and blurred on purpose.

Customer journey. Content is confidential and blurred on purpose.


This platform combined successfully the stakeholders’ business goal of decreasing waste and increasing efficiency, while improving the employees’ need to access crucial information independently.