South Africa 2012

Social media launch campaign for Colgate Optic white and positioning of the product in the fashion category. The outcome was an engaging social media campaign aligned with the human insight of portraying themselves the way they would like to be seen by others.  The campaign involved bloggers and social media personalities who promoted the #WearASmile competition. The winner was on the cover of Cosmopolitan for a month. 

To digitally launch Colgate Optic White in South Africa and position it in the right way as per the international campaign. 

Re-interpret brief  Define team roles (Strategy in collaboration with social media and creative teams)  Design research (Desktop and guerrilla research) → Digital strategy  Iteration of strategy based on insights and client's feedback  Social media strategy integrated to digital  Creative concept  → Campaign launch → Competition engagement

Budget constrains on the job in regards to the campaign's goals. 

Convincing a non-digitally savvy client of the effectiveness of the campaign. 

The KPIs on this job were exceeded due to the high levels of engagement in the competition for the magazine cover, and a large buy in  by influential bloggers.