Workshops & public speaking



Marcela offers training sessions and longer format workshops in the following areas:

1. Successful marketing executions applying behaviour change methodology

Training on how to identify triggers to execute engaging campaigns and change behaviour over time

2. Research Methodology


This would include the academic framework behind research methodology as well as how to apply research methods in the understanding of consumers.

Marcela is also available to conduct Keynote addresses in a wide variety of topics relating to the crossover between digital and direct marketing and business anthropology



Immersive research studies

Marcela is also available to conduct immersive research tackling key business problems:

1. Generate engagement with campaigns through application of behavioural methods

2. Measuring impact of marketing executions on behaviour 

3. Identifying triggers of decision-making and effectiveness of marketing executions



Digital strategy

Marcela also plays a consultative role in:

1. Implementing digital marketing campaigns.

2. Applying consumer and industry trends.

3. Multi-channel digital strategies.

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